The TH-Line Ltd started its business in the field of packaging machines in 2005 as an authorized dealer of the packaging machines sold by Duni Ltd.

The year 2007 marked the start of the sales and maintenance of Reepack line packaging machines. Around the same time the tray feeding machines and food dispensers were also introduced into our collection.

In 2013 -2014 the product range grew wider when material handling machines were added to the selection, including conveyors, scales, labelling machines, as well as box destackers and robots.

As the business of the packaging machine department in TH-Line Ltd grew strongly in 2013-2014, the company management decided to hive off its operations into a new, independent company and invest more resources in its growth.

This led to the establishment of LinePack Ltd, which started its business operations on December, 1st, 2014. It carries on the legacy of the packaging machine department of TH-Line Ltd as a supplier of automatic packaging lines for the food industry and the public sector.

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